Saturday, January 26

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Kulosaarentie, 10:38


The decision to go to bed early and hibernate seems to have started to pay dividends. I woke at about 1:20 and found myself doing night time work on the project I have begun planning. In fact I found myself doing the planning. By 2:00 I had the name and the outline all wrapped up. I made some quick notes and then immediately went back into a deep sleep.

At 10:30 we find ourselves outside the Embassy of India, to attend our first flag-raising day in the snow. The snow lies deep on the ground and I pause to photograph people gathering and playing in the Embassy grounds.

We will meet with various people we know and arrange to meet several of them again in the coming weeks. Irma will make herself known to the ambassador and explain briefly about our dealings with kanthari and SISP. They will agree to meet and talk further.

We will stop in Prisma on the way home and I will spend much of the afternoon snowblading away the snow that has built up in the last forty eight hours.

I will ache all over when I have finished and stand in a hot shower for as long as I reasonably can to reheat my body.

Later we will sit in the kitchen with the cat and drink cider while talking and eating. We will spend the evening watching Sohan’s Great Indian Road Movie which will have a wonderful elegaic quality about it. It will move slowly with little dialogue but we will get completely sucked in.