Tuesday, July 31

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Sundö, 22:00

We all woke up late this morning. I didn’t wake up until 9:30 which is about two hours later than any other day in July and about three hours later than most.

Everyone else went to see Pirjo about two hours ago, and left me here writing. I was suddenly aware that we are likely to leave on Thursday or Friday to return to Helsinki for the autumn and I broke from writing to wander the farm taking photographs. The sun was blazing down, and I was wanting to spend another month or so here.

When I got back to the sauna house and computer I volunteered to be a crew member at the OK Festival in late September. I emailed Nathalie to let her know and discovered that Pixelache board members were automatically crew members anyway.

The girls came back happy and we ate pasta. Now it is sunset and Naa has just pointed out that the sky and sea are bright red. I am down by the jetty looking. She is right.