Saturday, January 19

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Bedroom, Vartiokylä, 09:30


We got home very quickly last night and I went to bed about midnight and fell deeply asleep in seconds.

I wake up about 9:00 and lay in bed thinking; happy that I cannot hear mosquitoes, and marvelling at the silence because I cannot hear anything. I open the blind and look out at a nearly monochrome garden.

After breakfast we will drive to collect Naa and then the three of us will drive through the whiteness to Virkkala to see Marja and collect Sunshine.

We will spend a couple of hours there and, in the end, Naa will fish Sunshine from under Marjas bed, where he has hidden since we arrived, with a long pole.

When we get home he will walk around the house, walk around the garden, and then go to sleep in Irma’s cupboard.

In the evening we will watch the last four episodes of The Sinner on Areena. It will continue to capture our interest until the very end. I will notice that Episode 7 takes place almost entirely in flashback as the apparently separate elements get lined up to form a single coherent picture. The final episode then follows through by providing resolutions for all the characters and one final twist.

After this we will watch one of Sohan’s movies, The Autobiography of a Street Dog. We will not confuse the English subtitles with any form of English we have previously encountered.