Monday, July 30

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Jokikatu, Porvoo, 13:00

The girls have opted to stay at home and Irma and I are in Porvoo. We arrived an hour ago and have been chatting with Calle in Riverside Records. We exchanged a bag full of Mojos for Bobby Womack’s The Poet II. Now Irma is in Tuulin Aitta looking at glasses and crockery and I am outside waiting.

We will spend a couple of hours looking around the shops in the middle of Provoo before buying a carrier bag full of chocolate at Brunberg. Then we will go to the new arts to look at the Bonk Expo. This will be hilarious and stimulating in equal measure. I will end up with the t-shirt, the catalogue and a selection of coasters. The arts centre is excellent and we will spend a long time there and leave feeling that we would like to move to Porvoo.

In the evening the weather will change suddenly and we will have heavy rain and distant thunder. I will fill the water buckets from the well while the sky races to fill them first.