Friday, December 14

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Arabia Mall, 14:41


I left the house and discovered that the weather had warmed up slightly. I decided to take one final walk to Puotila this year. Fifteen minutes later I found myself sitting in a metro.

I spent the morning making sure that I had left nothing undone. I sent invoices to various people, and mails to various students. I subscribed to Rationalist International, as I said I would. I bought three $1 ebooks from OR books’ winter sale. I finalised my Pixelache instafund application and had it accepted.

At 14:30 I remember that I need to get some cash out for the holiday and decide to do it now. I walk to the mall and notice that H&M has closed and Jysk has opened in its place. I walk upstairs to photograph the mall in festive mood.

When I return I will spend an hour and a half tidying all my old papers and files, and throwing most of them away, in an effort to find the mini-tripod I used to have for my camera. I will fail to find it but I will uncover some interesting things I had forgotten I had.

Once I have done this I will get ready for the final session of the Digital Mediascapes course. No sooner will I finish this than I will get a flurry of emails from students telling me that they cannot attend because: Friday near Christmas.

I had known some students couldn’t attend. If I had known that nowadays some counts as a synonym for every I could have cancelled the session and attended the department Christmas party this evening.

I will wait to see if anyone actually turns up. Oz will appear but only to collect the charger he left behind last night. I will then sit down and prepare the final exercises as online tasks. Once I have finished this I will take a final look round and head for home for the last time this year.