Saturday, July 28

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Sandholmsudden, 10:45

This is the last market we will attend this summer. WE got here there about 7:50 and were still not the first ones setting up. We did get the place by the stone though, but only because we beat the people arriving on the 8:00 ferry.

The market is extremely busy, Irma is doing very well, and I have wandered down to the jetty to look around. I am watching boats arriving and leaving.

Today is even hotter than yesterday and Mikael is making a determined effort to get the remaining hay baled and taken to the barns. He needs as much help as possible, since tomorrow is predicted to be heavy rain and after that the remaining hay will be useless. We will therefore spend the afternoon baling hay. Niilia and Auo will pile the bales up as they fall out of the baling machine. Irma will drive the tractor, and I will throw the bales to Camilla as she piles them about five metres high in the trailer.

When we get home everyone will dive into the water to cool off and get all the hay off them. Naa will swim after an inflatable toy that floats swiftly off, and end up a kilometre out to sea where Irma will row to rescue her.

We will spend the evening with Mikael, Camilla, Jouhan, Björn, Liisa, Ella, and Miina, eating home made macaronilaatikko and homemeade bread, and drinking beer.

Late in the evening ther whole of southern Finland will experience an extraordinary electrical storm. The sky will flash on and off continously for an hour or so, with no thunder at all.