Tuesday, November 27

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Hameentie, 12:23


I got up and left as usual while Irma got ready for two days in Stockholm with a national Somalian group.

I started work by emailing a group of Nobanet participants, asking if they intended joining the Zoom meeting at noon. The responses indicated that Hafdis, Vera and I would find ourselves talking to each other again, so I suggested that we cancel it. Hafdis and Vera agreed; rather too enthusiastically, I thought.

I created Amanda’s WordPress loop for her and tested it. It worked exactly as intended: it selected a category and then displayed each sub-category in a grid. By the end of this I felt even happier about Cloud9 than I did before. Amanda had shared her workspace with me and I had tested the loop on her actual site.

I then carried on rewriting my talk for Hamburg.

At lunchtime I go for a short walk. Either the frost has stayed since breakfast or a light layer of snow has fallen. I cannot decide, but suspect the latter.

I will carry on writing until some students collect me to record an insert for Egilgala. I receive instructions to play it straight and I have a sudden feeling that they see me as I used to see Leslie Nielson.

I will get home about 16:30 and let Sunshine out. He will race to the door and then stand there reluctantly, looking out at the frost or snow, and not moving.

Later in the evening Irma and I will amuse each other on WhatsApp.