Wednesday, July 25

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Sundö, 15:50

The girls arrived yesterday evening with Niilia, and we rearranged the house so she had a place to sleep. This morning Auo and Niilia were bouncing around having noisy fun, despite the cold day. The trampoline got all-day use.

Naa had very little work because the rain and cold have made farming difficult. Half of the hay has been ruined, and will probably h´not be collected at all.

Now the library bus has arrived, and everyone has books and videos to return. Camilla and Ann-Sofie join the queue too.

Later we will go to the market. It is the last Wednesday market of the year, and for the first hour it will be very busy indeed. Then it will suddenly empty, and remain empty until it ends. Just before the end it will threaten to rain and we will pack up hastily. An hour later it will start raining heavily.