Sunday, November 18

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Uiskotie, 11:00


I get up and go for a long walk, thinking that the beaujolais nouveau last night might well have done better to stay on the shelf.

As I walk through the bridge under the main road and emerge into Uiskotie, I look at the graffiti of a head that reminds me of Desperate Dan. I photograph it and like the way that the bridge shades one half of the image and not the other.

We will eat lunch and complete the house-cleaning that we didn’t manage yesterday when we got distracted by gardening. We will then go outside and move all the garden furniture into the terrace for winter. Since the terrace now has glass on three sides we should not in theory have to cover the table and chairs at all. Easy? I should say so.

We will drive to Kamppi to have coffee and cake with Irma’s mother. I will spend an hour or so fixing her computer and router, once I have managed to track down the passwords. I will update the firmware in the router, scan the computer using Avast, update Avast itself, and so on.

At home again, we will get ready for the working week, and I will read until bedtime.