Saturday, November 17

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Prisma, 16:13


We got up late and I went for an hour’s walk in a cold but bright morning. The car with the flat tyre still sat outside the estate agency.

After brunch we cleaned the house and then did some work in the garden. We took the final bag of leaves and sticks to a secret place where we hid them in a secret wood.

After that we go to Prisma for a lot of weekly shopping. On the way out I spot a heavily customised old Ford parked near us. I walk over to photograph it and the couple who own it walk over. The woman bursts into laughter and the man gives a big grin. I smile sheepishly.

After this we will drive to Lidl where, among other things, we will buy a tinned gin and tonic for me and a vodka and lemon for Irma.

We will go home and spend a late afternoon and early evening sitting, talking and preparing food. I will decide that I made the right choice but so too will Irma.