Sunday, November 11

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Hietaniemen Hautausmaa, 16:22


We got up late again and the morning felt two cold and dark for walking. Instead I did the vacuum cleaning that I had not done yesterday.

Naa came round about midday to celebrate the Finnish Father’s Day. She gave me a handmade voucher for an evening bowling, and Irma gave me a cardigan, a t-shirt and a lovely card.

We all left for Virkkala in the early afternoon, to see Marja. She seems fine, under the circumstances. Irma described her as brave. I think I would describe her as self-consciously cheerful.

On the way back we drive to the cemetery where Irma’s father now lives. We leave a Father’s Day candle for him on his grave. Many others do the same and the cemetery glitters with candles and lamps.

Naa will come back with us for dinner. She will have her digital recorder with her and burst into laughter when she sees the one I have borrowed from Arcada. She will claim that it looks like something from Doctor Who and start using it like a sonic screwdriver. Hers certainly looks miniature next to it.

She will offer to sell me hers and I will accept. I now own a digital recorder. I must have become a proper podcaster.