Thursday, November 8

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Sörnäinen metro, 8:28


I started the day by cycling to the metro in a heavy wet mist. It felt like some kind of holistic treatment involving mild exercise and continuous use of a vaporiser.

When I get off the metro at Sörnäinen metro I catch something out of the corner of my eye. I recognise it as a full can of pea soup alone on an empty block of seats. I would feel a fool not photographing it.

I will spend the first part of my morning finishing the preparation for this afternoon’s CMS session. I have one php problem left to solve and I spend an hour on this with no result.

I will email Jan about paying Nick and Sophie, which has somehow become very complicated. I cannot believe that Pixelache has not paid artists and performers from other countries before, and I don’t imagine they deducted 60% taxes from their fees either. Jan has not done this before though, and he wants to do everything properly, so neither Nick and Sophie have received any payments yet. Ho hum.

I will pause to have a Social Tools meeting on Zoom with Ilpo and Oliver to plan the next workshop, which will take place in ten days time at the Pixelache offices.

I will spend the afternoon with the CMS students, who begin their final project in earnest today. I will show them the hot news about the base-10 grid system I fixed yesterday, and then I will let them loose on their projects.

I will set off home for tea and silence, with my head ringing from almost four hours of non-stop questions, all of them different from each other in both topic and scope.