Wednesday, October 24

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Sörnäinen metro, 16:32


It rained hard in the night for the second night in a row. I woke up, stayed awake for a couple of hours, and then fell back to sleep.

I woke with a verse of a protest song going round my head:

A dishcloth’s the epitome
Of mankind’s inhumanity
And total inability
To see the sheer necessity
Of using tools efficiently
If you can hear the distant [something] tolling of the bells
Then drop your one-time dishcloth and pick up something else

It had more lyrics but I lost them in the process of waking up. In fact, I lost one word of the lyrics that I did remember.

I cycled in the cold and dark, after Irma had warned me about black ice. She left minutes after me to drive to the airport for a long day in Stockholm: at an all-day meeting, followed by a dinner and a plane ride home.

I spent the morning in discussions about various different things. Nathalie has circulated the Powerpoint slides I made about the Seven Types of Thesis listed on Arcada’s website, and almost everyone has admitted they knew nothing about them, and looked horrified when shown them.

Nobody knows what they mean in terms of the MA theses, if anything, and Tiina looked aghast when I suggested using one of the underused types for a student who has a project that won’t fit a normal thesis structure.

In the afternoon Sophie and I recorded episode 3 of the Miaaw podcast, using a new technique that worked perfectly. We used to talk, using the video stream to see each other and pick up visual cues. We recorded this as usual, wearing headphones, but we also both used digital recorders to record our own isolated voices. Sophie completely lost her internet connection at one point but I carried on talking and she started up again and rejoined the conversation.

I left as early as I could to let the cat out before it gets completely dark.

I wait for seven minutes at Sörnäinen metro, since the first train will go to Mellunmäki and only Päivi would choose that one. I photograph the Vuosaari metro as it arrives at the almost deserted platform.

Once I get home I will vacuum clean all the leaves and stones from the entrances and then do some ironing before settling down to read. Sunshine will go out and come back and then spend the evening asleep on the sofa.

I will have gone to bed and fallen deep asleep well before Irma arrives. I will wake enough to hear her and fall back asleep immediately.