Tuesday, October 23

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Arcada, 11:52


I woke to the sound of rain in the middle of the night and then woke at 5:00 thinking about the rain I had heard, and then stayed awake until I got up at 7:30 to discover that the weather had cleared.

I cycled to Puotila with my lights on and then read about cultural democracy on the metro.

At Arcada I had several conversations about an MA student whose progress has become a cause of concern, and whose lack of concern about his lack of progress has become a larger concern. I also prepared for this afternoon’s CMS session.

It took me two hours to write a successful three lines of php that would take the value of a metadata key and use it successfully as a url for embedding a YouTube video in a post, inside a set of divs that would structure and style the post.

Once I had done it then it seemed obvious. Of course. I decided to explain my journey to the students rather than just give them the code.

Just before midday I decide I need a break and walk around the building. I decide to take a different route and find myself walking down some funhouse stairs that nobody ever uses. I look out of a window at the bottom at a view I have only seen about twice before.

In the afternoon I will run the CMS session which will constitute the penultimate teaching session, after which the students will take their Foundation sites and convert them into WordPress sites. My guess at this point: half of them will and half of them won’t.

At 18:00 I will head to Hakaniemi to meet Alan, Sasa, Steve and Vishnu to discuss next year’ Pixelache festival. We will meet in Juttutupa and have an interesting discussion. Steve and I will leave about 19:30 and get the metro.

When I get home Irma will just have bought the rest of the tickets and immediately post on Facebook, asking what we should do in Honolulu in August. So much for secrecy.