Monday, July 23

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Sundö, 15:00

The cat stayed out late last night so I waited up and read. It arrived about 12:20, looked around for the other people and then went to sleep on Irma’s bed.

I woke up this morning shivering and listening to the sound of heavy rain. I sat and read for a couple of hours, had some breakfast and went to start writing. The weather varied between heavy rain and slight drizzle, but the temperature remained at eight degrees on the outside thermometer.

Now the weather has cleared and I am looking out the window. If I am expecting the sun to remain out, and the day to warm up, I will be sadly disappointed. In thirty minutes time I will be back in the sauna house writing this with a jumper on, wearing winter wool socks.

Auo will phone and I will chat with Irma. Otherwise I will do nothing except sit in a small, cold room, trying to write.