Sunday, July 22

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Sandholmsudden, 12:10

Jamie slept in the sauna house, and we all got up for a late breakfast. Now we are touring the islands showing Jamie some of the sights. WE have walked through the empty market and we are now in the hills where the public barbecues are. Later we will go to the museum and the school.

At about 16:00 everyone except me will leave for Helsinki. Naa is going to spend a couple of nights at Kamppi, and Auo is collecting her friend Niilia. Jamie is going to stay at Hotel Arthur and meet Hari tomorrow. I am going to try to write.

About half an hour after they have left I will get a phone call asking me to check for a leather jacket – Jamie’s leather jacket. And there it is on a stool in the entrance. Fortunately he has remembered to take his phone with him and so we will agree that we will deliver it to Kerala at Christmas.

As afternoon turns to evening the weather will change and become cold and overcast.