Saturday, October 13

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Woods, 11:32


I woke up relaxed and lay in bed thinking. I thought about the podcast and how happy I felt receiving an email from Arlene volunteering to have a discussion on it in November. I thought about changing the bedding today because we have to get up early tomorrow. I thought about writing an essay about artism. I got up.

I go for a brisk walk through the woods and reconcile myself to the fact that I will, with a leaden inevitability, find myself taking my annual photograph of the autumn leaves. I pause for a moment and suddenly find myself taking my annual photograph of the autumn leaves. Done, I think to myself.

When I return home I will rake leaves for an hour while next door’s oak tree drops acorns and leaves all around me. I will manage to rake slightly faster than the tree drops things. I will eventually stop when I get hit on the head by two acorns in rapid succession.

Irma and I will continue doing things in the garden until we decide to make another trip to Crazy Days. We will wander around looking for things before ending up in the deli. The cat will find itself in luxury this evening.

We will decide to avoid Young Morse this week, because we still feel tired from the week’s work. Instead we will watch The Simpsons for the first time that I can remember. We will come across an episode in which Homer has dreamed them all into Lego characters, and we will both find it hilarious.