Saturday, July 21

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Tirmo Blues, 17:40

Today is the second hot day in a row. We all went to the market early since Auo has now decided that she should be selling at Camilla’s stall. The market was full and busy and everyone was happy. Interestingly the market seemed filled with new people, some of whom were explaining to each other about Pellinki and the archipelago.

In the afternoon we began getting phone calls from Jamie and Hari, two friends from Kerala. They are in Finland (staying somewhere near Kotka) and they have just been on an overnight cruise to Tallin. They are planning on coming to the festival.

At 16:30 we got the ferry across to watch Danny, who is 71 and appears highly (and smugly) amused to be doing what he is doing. We stand watching with Mikael, Camilla and Marina, and he is absolutely fantastic. As soon as he has finished Jamie and Hari will arrive with Hari’s Finnish friend (who I think is called Inga or Inja).

Jamie will stay and the others will return immediately to Jaala, if that is how you spell it (which it is). We will watch some of the next act, which is Mister Jimmie Lawson, an elderly blues singer who is on every year, and then cross on the ferry to sit around chatting, eating and drinking until late into the night.