Saturday, October 6

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Uiskotie, 11:38


We got up quite early and I started the day with a fifty minute walk. As I walk down Uiskotie I notice an original Mini parked outside a house. I have noticed it periodically for years. It has moss growing on the windows so obviously nobody uses it.

Periodically it occurs to me that I should offer to buy it, and then I think about the business of restoring it outdoors, and storing it somewhere in the winter. If only we had a large heated garage…

After breakfast we start gardening. I rake all the leaves while Irma cuts down some dead plants. While we do this Irma sees Tommy and we have a long conversation. This results in her offering him some spare tickets that she has, and him returning with two bottles of wine.

In the afternoon we make a trip to Kontula where we wave to Pate, and then a short trip to Prisma for some salad that we forgot yesterday.

We will eat pasta with chilli and soya, and it will prove delicious. We will accompany it with some wine that we did not expect to have. That will prove extremely tasty.

We will conclude the day by watching an episode of Young Morse from a series we seem not to have seen before.