Thursday, July 19

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Sundö, 17:50

This has been another day in and around the house. The sun has been out but the wind has been blowing like a gale. Auo was bored and spent most of the day working with Auo, to the point where Mikael is wondering whether or not he should be paying her. (We said not.)

Irma has painted a kitchen cupboard and I’ve painted a box. Now I am sitting in the garden reading. The sun is low in the sky, and very bright. The chair in front of me is shining in my eyes. The wind is uncomfortable and I am getting covered in flies.

The girls have all gone with Camilla to the other end of the island to get some cloth for weaving rugs, which is one of the things that Camilla does during the winter. They will come back having seen the original toilet where Tove Janssen drew her first drawings. The wall contains the first-ever image of a Moomin.