Tuesday, July 17

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Sundö, 14:10

I got Naa up for work at 8:15 and she trotted off to return ten minutes later to say that there was no work this morning. Yesterday’s storms had put paid to that. She went back to bed and I carried on writing while everyone else slept.

In the late morning the day got brighter. Both girls went picking onions and Irma and I went to help put up an electric fence so the sheep could be moved. Now we have just picked two lettuce from Camilla’s field. They are big and fresh and we will have them with fish later.

Irma is about to paint a basket with some eighties paint we have found in the shed. It is a lime green that you don’t get anymore. I will make a shelf and attach some door knobs. Later, when the wind drops, we will sit in the garden with a cider.