Monday, September 3

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Garden, 7:50


When we drove to the airport eight days ago we realised that a very large spider that taken up residence in the housing of the nearside car mirror. It appeared as we raced along Ringroad 1 and tended its web. We wondered it it would die or leave in the week the car remained in the parking hall.

On Saturday, as we drove home, the spider repeated its performance, and this morning as I leave for work I pause to look. It has come out of the housing to run around its web. I manage to photograph it.

The weather has begun to turn autumnal and I will wear a thick cardigan as I cycle to Puotila.

In the morning Jutta and I will coordinate a large project between our UX/UI and CMS courses, which will please Fred and Robert, since they will act as clients.

I will carry on planning the course, and creating the road map that I will use in the first session tomorrow afternoon.