Sunday, September 2

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Itäväylä, 11:35


We woke up feeling somewhat refreshed, and I started the day with a forty minute walk.

I walk down to Alepa, noticing that some trees have disappeared, and turn left onto Itäväylä. I notice the gas station signs in the puddles and try to capture them.

After a normal breakfast, that involves neither the sight nor the smell of fried food, we will do some work in the garden, as well as filing our receipts from the holiday.

Naa will come round in the early afternoon, and we will spend several hours chatting and showing her photographs of the wedding and Weston-super-mare. Sunshine will wander in and out while we do this.

In the evening Irma will make some very welcome spicy chicken pasta. The ginger cat will appear. I will bump into a huge rabbit in the garden who will prove reluctant to leave.

We will shower and retire to bed early.