Monday, July 16

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Tirmö Ferry, 16:33

The weather today has been like late autumn since the time we woke up until now. The sky has been unrelentingly grey. It has rained, and then we have had howling gales. We have also had two power cuts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

In the morning Auo and I had breakfast, washed our hair and vacuum-cleaned. AFter that we both read. We had dinner at 16:00 and now I am taking the rubbish bags to Tirmö. I am wearing a big, yellow waterproof coat. The sea and sky are the same uniform grey. Only the green along the coast offers any colour at all.

On the ferry back I will meet Mikael and Camilla in a van, towing a trailer full of planks and Irma’s uncle Heikki. An hour later Auo will spot an escaped cow eating its way through the potato plants. We will tell Mikael and he will spend fifteen minutes chasing and catching it.

In the evening Irma, Naa and Ann-Sofi will return from Helsinki.