Sunday, August 12

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Kauppatori, 17:23


I woke at 5:00 to the sound of pouring rain. It woke me again at 7:00 and when we both got up at 9:30 the rain continued.

After breakfast we cleaned Toupee 1 and Toupee 2, and washed and freshened their cage, and took them to Naa’s apartment. They seemed not to notice much of this, hiding in their house when things happened and coming out again when they stopped.

We then went to see Leena, Irma’s mother. On the way we drove through a sudden thunder storm and a hailstorm. The traffic lights did not work for most of the journey and, judging from the people by the lights in costumes, some sort of running race would start soon.

I had a WhatsApp chat with Naa to let her know what we had done. She and Sampo had reached Kuopio when we talked, so they still had a five or six hour journey home.

On the way home we decided to avoid any runners or walkers or whatever, and we set off on another route.

We head into the centre and drive round the market square. We watch all the tourists and I photograph some cyclists standing looking puzzled.

We will head towards Suvilahti until we realise that Flow Festival has made this route almost impassable. We end up getting home via Arabia, Kappyla, and Kontula, but we do get home eventually.

I will do some weeding, and bring my emails under control, to avoid panic tomorrow. I will make more detailed plans for Scott and Sophie and start thinking about the planned Nobanet publication.

I will also make efforts to find a way to contact Mats Bergman. I have a feeling that I will suddenly, and quite urgently, need to see him, once I have spoken with Scott tomorrow.