Sunday, July 15

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Sundö, 17:10

Last night we argued about what primary colours are, and what their ontological status is and this morning, when we woke up, Irma explained that she was bored and having an argument seemed as though it would be more fun than not having one. What other reason could there be to argue about whether red, blue and yellow were the ‘real’ primary colours or not?

This morning it started raining very heavily indeed, and the temperature dropped below ten degrees. “Summer in your trousers”, as Irma said. It was raining when we loaded the car with laundry and it was still raining at 14:30 when Irma and Naa left for Helsinki.

It stopped half an hour later and I went for a walk. I met Jammu and Pirjo, then Tia, then Niilo who is going to Italy for a week on Tuesday. He at least will get some sun this summer.

On the way home I stopped to buy some potatoes and met the man who has taken charge of the annual dance. Now I am looking at two stones that Irma has arranged in such a way that (she says) they look exactly like a seal. It is bright sunlight and will remain so for approximately seventeen minutes, before the sky clouds over and it starts drizzling.

Soon I will scrub the potatoes and Auo and I will eat. Later I will read and listen to the New Riders of the Purple Sage’s first four albums, which are probably all (or more than) you need. Auo will read and listen to something entirely different.