Wednesday, August 1

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Bosgård, 17:00


This morning, before breakfast, I washed my hair in the sea and chatted with Mika who had started to load logs onto a boat so that he and Ann-Sofie could spend the day refilling the log baskets at various campsites and barbecues on islands they help maintain.

Naa spent the morning on the board, and in the afternoon Irma took us on a mystery trip. I knew where she would take us but Naa had no idea.

We drove toward Lovissa and stopped at Bosgård, an organic farm with a restaurant, shop, and nature trails. Irma and I had stopped to look at the shop a week or so ago.

We decided to sit indoors since the sun had decided to get even hotter than yesterday. We all chose a burger and sat back to wait. The food took longer than it should and so the waitress told us we could all have a free ice-cream after the meal.

Bosgård grows everything that it sells itself. The beef comes from their cows. The cows feed comes from their own organically grown crops. The chips come from their own potatoes which they cut by hand themselves. The salads all come from their vegetable gardens. Only the buns sneaked in from the outside world.

We all agreed that the burgers tasted extraordinarily good, as did the chips. The ice-cream came from a small artisanal producer in Borgå, and so we left very happy indeed.

On the way out of the restaurant I photograph the old red tractor that stands in front of the outdoor kitchen. A brand new blue tractor passes by as I do.

We will drive to Borgå on the way home and stop briefly at Intersport and Sokos before coming back to Sundö with full stomachs.

We will take the board out for an evening ride after which I will pick blackcurrants until the sun starts going down and we decide to go to bed.