Friday, July 13

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Sundö, 16:50

I woke Naa early. The last few days have not been very productive on the farm, because of the weather and so today she is starting work at 8:00. I then got a lot of writing done, and by the time the others emerged I felt that I had accomplished something.

After breakfast we finished the entrance and did a few more bits and pieces. On the afternoon Irma and Auo went to get catfood from Benita’s and decided on the spur of the moment to go and see Ville and Margit. As a result they returned home with some new clothes and ten freshly smoked fish. Ville had caught twenty ahven and had nothing he could possibly do with more than ten.

Now Naa has arrived home with the first carrots and beetroot of the season.

We will have an unusual dinner, pack the car for tomorrow’s market, and go to bed early.