Thursday, July 12

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Tullsundet, 13:25


Sunshine arrived home last night about 00:30 and we both got to sleep shortly before 1:00. I decided that I would try to get up before 9:00 but would allow myself to sleep until 10:00 if I felt like it.

I woke up at 4:40, looked at the clock, and then went back to sleep. I woke again and lay half asleep in bed, until I looked at the clock, which said 9:30. I decided to sleep on and finally woke about midday. Still feeling extremely tired I lay down again. The next time I woke the clock said 9:12 and I sat looking at it, confused. I slowly worked out that some or all of my waking up and going back to sleep must have happened in my dreams. However, I could find no way to determine how much. Specifically, I could find no way of deciding whether I had actually woken up at 4:40 or I had dreamed that I woke up at 4:40.

I decided to get up immediately before I managed to make more temporal problems for myself.

After breakfast I had a lengthy pseudo-shower and by the time I had finished the sun had come out so I could stand in the garden and dry my hair, still puzzling about my nocturnal time-travelling. I then did some cleaning, using the new vacuum cleaner, and washed all the dishes I had used.

I decide to test the bike we have here. I had pumped up the tyres earlier and threatened to cycle to Benita’s one day, and I thought it wise to check that the tyres stayed inflated after a kilometre or two before attempting this. I time the ferry and set off once all the cars have landed and passed the farm. I cycle down to the first bridge onto Tullsundet, and then cycle over that to the second bridge, before turning back. I stop at the bridge nearest the farm, which has a public jetty, used by visitors who have their summer houses in the islands.

I leave my bike against the railings and wander around. If you look carefully you can see the bike in the picture, which shows the road back to the ferry. The bike leans against the railing on the left.

In the afternoon I will do some mowing, which Irma asked me to do, and some writing, which will continue what I began yesterday.

In the early evening Irma and Naa will arrive, and fun will begin.