Friday, July 6

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Sandholmsudden, 14:35


We both woke up with stomachs that feel odd in almost every way that stomachs can. In addition I still felt aches all over my back and shoulders from moving the stones on Wednesday. I had not realised that it constituted heavy work but apparently some of my muscles took a vote and decided that it did.

Pouring rain greets us but the wind has stayed at home and so the rain feels tolerable and warm. In the early afternoon when the rain stops we decide to drive to Benita’s to fill our water containers. While there I decide to photograph the dark sky.

When we get home we will sit and read until finally the sky brightens, at which point we will do a few things outdoors. We will walk around the farm a little.

In the evening we will watch football on Irma’s iPad. We will enjoy France beating Uruguay 2-0.

Sunshine will decide to stay out late. We will go to bed at 22:30 but both wake up from time to time until Irma hears him arrive at 23:45, after which all three of us will go into a deep sleep that will last until morning.