Thursday, July 5

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Terrace, 12:38


We woke up shortly after 10:00 thanks to an energetic intervention from Sunshine, who finally ripped off most of the bottom of the window shade in an effort to look out and/or get our attention.

The sun shone so we ate breakfast outdoors. Irma had to wear sunglasses to fend off the brightness.

On Monday, when we wandered through Lidl, I noticed that they had introduced two new vegetable drinks, ans insisted that we try them. This morning I had the Mixed Vegetable and, to my great delight, once Irma had added pepper it proved a more than adequate substitute for V8. A cry of yippee echoed through the valley.

The weather forecast predicted rain and so we moved quickly with weeding. I set up the sauna house for writing, and Irma set up the summer kitchen.

I notice a little insect has landed on my left hand and shows no sign of wanting to leave. I walk over to show Irma and she calls it a lukki and says it poses no danger to me or anything else. I walk to the house, pick up my phone and manage to photograph it with one hand. It remains motionless for a further ten minutes until I get bored and shake my hand, at which point it unfurls it wings and leaves.

Google translates lukki as “daddy long-legs”. I completely disagree and suspect that, like certain fish, it has no direct translation.

Irma will decide to washes the breakfast dishes and will walk to the summer kitchen. A sudden shower will begin and continue until the garden starts flooding. Irma will sit in a rocking chair on the kitchen terrace, trapped.

In the afternoon we will go to the shop to post a postcard, chat, buy some meat, and forget to post the card. It will start pouring with rain and we will decide to go to Benita’s to watch the rain from the covered terrace. We will watch a couple decide to play crazy golf in weatherproof jackets. We will see someone walk to the beach with no trousers and walk back fully dressed. We will see Nina walking her dog with her friend.