Sunday, July 1

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Garden, 14:18


We got up late and had a big brunch that started with sandwiches made with Dutch cheese and finished with strawberries.

The sun had come out but so had the wind. It felt like a storm outside. Nonetheless we went out to do some gardening, and pruned Minna’s apple tree where it hangs over our yard. This took an hour or more since we had to stand on top of he stepladder to reach the branches that needed cutting.

We then did some more cutting at the back of the house and cut all the bigger branches so that we could stuff them into old bin bags and dispose of them somewhere.

I wander around the garden in the never-ending wind and photograph Irma’s planting table while she has gone off to plant something. It interests me because several pots and a watering can just blew off it.

At 15:30 Irma’s mother will arrive by taxi for coffee and cake. We will sit chatting about he flexible nature of sexuality, triggered by the fact 5at 100,000 people took part in Helsinki’s Pride march yesterday.

We will indeed eat cake and drink coffee before moving onto strawberries and cream. At 17:30 Lena’s taxi will arrive and off she will go.

In the evening I will do some ironing and Irma will help Naa with some of the financial issues that hang over the decision about living with Sampo or not living with Sampo.

Later I will read a new issue of Monocle that Irma bought me when she drove to Prisma to buy the cakes for cake and coffee.