Tuesday, June 19

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Arcada, 15:00


I officially stayed at home this morning because I said goodbye to my desk yesterday. I will see it again in August. I officially stayed in bed until Irma left for work because she does not like hustle and bustle while she girds herself for the day.

The weather had changed overnight and this morning threatened rain from the moment that I first saw it. I had breakfast and took a shower, before checking my mail and making some preparations for Edmedia next week. I then went out into the garden to cut down some of the sticks that remained from the pruning we did.

Naa phoned to confirm our bowling date for this afternoon and we agreed on 14:30. Seconds later the heavens opened. I went out and moved the sticks onto the terrace where they lay accusingly.

At 13:30 I found the waterproof jacket I got from Irma and cycled through rain that bounced off the road to Puotila metro. When I got there the top half of me felt completely dry and my short completely soaked. From Puotila I got the metro to Sörnäinen and the number 1 tram to Töölö. By the time I got off the rain had vanished as quickly as it had come, and I stood waiting for Naa, drying off in the breeze.

The bowling alley has only just opened when we arrive. Naa books an hour for us, as a late birthday present for me, and we manage to bowl four complete games. As Naa points out this has something to do with the fact the the number of spares and strikes we get has gone up considerably. In the fourth game I get two strikes in a row followed by a nine which I fail to convert into a spare. One pin short of three strikes in a row!

We have the end lane and the next couple remain empty while we bowl. I catch Naa looking like a professional bowler as the ball heads towards one of her several strikes.

Afterwards we will walk to Fafa where I will have my usual falafel, feta, roast egglant, and chilli pita sandwich and Naa will have a kebab sandwich. Neither of us will get as much chilli as we feel we deserve.

In the evening Irma and I will go to Lidl and then to Prisma and Alko to stock up for the midsummer weekend. I will do this in an effort to avoid the pre-weekend crowds but we will bump into the crowds who have all arrived to avoid the pre-weekend crowds.