Thursday, June 14

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Arabianranta, 14:20


I walked from Kalasatama again this morning, listening to Babelsberg, the new album by Gruff Rhys, which struck me as one of the best albums I have heard all year. I stopped briefly at the big Lidl for no reason than the sun made me want to walk around.

I spent the morning rewriting the essay that I had reformatted yesterday. I noticed that one of the reviewers said that it did not have a proper conclusion so I set about adding one, while trying to obey the other reviewer who said the paper needed shortening. I wrote several versions of a conclusion and then decided that I needed to put it aside and let it brew at the back of my mind.

At midday I had another hour-long online chat with Sophie Hope. We decided that we will make a podcast and that we will treat the first chat and this one as brainstorming sessions, from which we will develop the topics for a set of eight episodes. Sophie talked me through last week’s conversation, which she had listened too yesterday and made notes. It already sounded like the first draft of a pitch.

At 14:00 I decide to go for a walk to think about the conclusion to the paper. I walk out of Arcada and down towards the beach for the first time this summer. To my complete surprise I find a large metal sculpture that I have never seen before. I walk around it looking for a sign to tell me who made it but find nothing. I step back to photograph it and a woman on a city bike goes past slowly.

I will sit for a while and then walk back to Arcada, stopping at S-Market for a berliinimunkki to have with a cup of tea. I will write the conclusion and mail off the formatted essay to Riga.

At 17:00 I will have a Pixelache meeting. I will opt to participate over Zoom, rather than walking down to the office. Only four people will turn up, and of these only Ilpo will join us from the office. Despite, or perhaps because of, the low number of attendees, we will have a long and detailed discussion in which Andrew and I will voice a number of concerns about the direction that some of our current projects seem to have followed.

At 20:20 I will arrive home, the sun still blazing down.