Sunday, June 10

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Sundö, 13:00


This morning summer returned and the sun beat down all day. We had breakfast outside again, and this time we felt hot. Sunshine trotted out of the house as soon as we opened the door, wandered over the bridge and disappeared into the ferns and weeds.

We did more work in the garden and then chopped a few small trees down.

I walk into the sauna house to wash myself again, because I have managed to cut my leg during the process of cutting down some trees. From inside I turn and look out and like what I see. I pick up my iPad, charging on the table, and take a photograph of the outside from the inside, with the sun streaming in.

In the afternoon I will pull up all the weeds from around the house and the summer kitchen, only stinging myself on the nettles a little bit. I will also fix the bicycle and pump up the tyres. I will cycles down to the ferry past the growing queue and then cycle back again before the ferry arrives with a full load.

I will then lie down in a deck chair for an hour or so until I realise exactly how hot the sun has become, and get up and cover myself.

Sunshine will fail to reappear until 18:30 when we will grab him and leave. We will get home about 20:00, do some things at home, wash in hot water, and go to bed.

By this time I will realise that the sun has turned me bright red. I will have managed to get burned without even realising the possibility existed.