Saturday, June 2

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Sundö bay, 15:55


We got up in time up to go to the latter part of the Saturday market. Most of the fish stalls had run out of their best produce but Magnus still had some fishcakes left. Magnus himself had wandered off but Lakku gave me two, and they tasted fine. They have more vegetables and spices in than Maj-Britt’s (and probably less fish as a result), but they tasted perfectly acceptable for the first fish cakes of summer.

We wandered into Benita’s to see about egg bread, but decided that the place felt too crowded and left.

We drove back to Sundö and had a leisurely lunch in the garden, in the blazing sun. The cat had trotted happily away and lay somewhere in the fields sunning itself.

We drove back to Ann-Maj to buy a couple of plants, which we then planted. I pulled out all the bamboo that had grown since we last came and Irma did some gardening before turning her attention to mowing. She did this for about ninety minutes before deciding to finish it tomorrow.

While Irma goes swimming I photograph the bay. I can hear her shouting about the temperature of the water, while speedboats go past the end of the bay making buzzing sounds in the distance. As I look around I see the yellow of the ferry as it arrives from the mainland.

We will have a calmer evening today. We will make food and while we eat Sunshine will trot in. We will climb into bed just before 22:00.