Friday, June 1

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Marina Conference Centre, 9:40


Irma had a day off today because, with her trip to New York and the World Village Festival, she has worked thirteen days in a row. If she worked fourteen days in a row she would break the law, and so would Helsinki City. I got up as quietly as I could, ate breakfast, and crept out. Even the cat stayed asleep while I did this.

This morning I arrived second. I thought I had arrived first but I entered the Baltica conference room to find Indre sitting there drinking her second cup of coffee.

We spend the first part of the morning wrapping up arrangements for the A Team, before pausing for (more) coffee. As we do I decide to take a photograph from the window before the Viking Line boat arrives and blocks the view. I suddenly realise that I have missed my chance, as it hoves to. Instead I walk outside and along a bit so that only the prow appears in the picture. I get a shot of the rival Silja Line boat already berthed on the other side, along with various tugs and pleasure boats scooting around.

After coffee we will discuss the cross-border assignments that Nobanet has developed and Eija will form a Super Team to document, maintain and develop those. The members of this team will also attend the September meeting to work out how they can do this. This will lead to the question of where to meet and somehow we will decide to meet in Pärnu. I will have nothing to do with this decision since I thought that Estonia only had two cities: Tallinn and Tarttu.

We will finish the meeting with another buffet lunch. Before we do that, however, half the meeting will disappear to catch planes or boats.

I will get home at 14:00 to find that Irma has done the shopping for a weekend in the country. We will leave for Sundö and get there late afternoon. Sunshine will look around and then confidently trot down to the little bridge over the stream and disappear.

We will eat, drink, talk and tangentially and pointlessly argue, and then finally get to bed at 2:00