Sunday, July 8

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Landloppis, 11:45

On Friday night I fell asleep and Irma sat up reading. Last night we swapped roles, which meant that I woke up early this morning and nobody else did.

After breakfast I stuffed an old bicycle into the back of the car and we sat off for the flea market, the landloppis that forms a social part of the annual Pellinki Days. We have had stalls in previous years but today Mona has agreed we can sell the bike at her stall.

Here we are, wandering around finding things to buy. I get a baseball cap that says Buster Crew, the girls get some clothes, and the cost of all this almost exactly matches the 15 euros we get for the bike. We also meet almost everyone we know in Pellinki, including Janne from Arcada and his family.

In the afternoon the weather will get cloudier and colder and start to feel as though thunder is approaching. Irma and Naa will catch the 18:00 ferry and drive to Helsinki. Auo and I will read while we watch the rain begin.