Saturday, July 7

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Tirmö, 17:50

This morning we all got up to go to the market, except Auo who wanted to stay in bed. At 10:30 I drove home with breakfast fishcakes, and returned with a happy girl.

Immediately after the market Mikael decided to gather in the hay from the two nearest fields, since the weather forecast predicts rain tomorrow. The four of us spent the whole afternoon throwing bales of hay onto the back of trailers. After that the girls went swimming and I went to Tirmö to get a couple of ciders.

I had forgotten but this afternoon is the annual beach football contest outside the bar, and they have an inflatable football pitch filled with sand. I stand and watch for a few minutes until it is time to get the ferry back. When I return the girls will decide to go and look. They will take one of the walkie-talkies to test if they work. They do, and we will have pointless conversations with them that involve the overuse of the words over and roger.