Sunday, April 29

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Itäväylä, 10:50


Somewhere in the night the weather changed dramatically. I woke up to a very wet morning. The rain eased off and I decided that I should probably go for a walk.

Irma found the coat from Goa; the floor length plastic raincoat that we bought in Chaudy one monsoon that makes me look like a bargain basement Clint Eastwood in a cheap Italian western.

The trenchcoat works very well and as I walk I remain dry. I walk down to Alepa, turn left over Itäväylä and back towards Plantagen. As I walk towards the self-service gas station I notice the reflections in the puddles on the pavement. I stop to photograph them.

In the afternoon we will go to Prisma to buy paint because I have promised to paint a wall in Naa’s apartment tomorrow. We will also buy some duck egg blue paint because you don’t see that very often, and it might come in handy one day.

Later, having nothing much to do, and noticing that the rain has stopped too late for me to wash the windows, I will go for a second walk. This time I will wear my jacket and deliberately walk as fast as I can while listening to Michael Nesmith.

In the evening we will finish off the pasta that Irma made yesterday and decide that we should go early to bed.

We know how to party.