Wednesday, July 4

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Sandhölmsudden, 18:55

Naa got up early today to work a twelve hour day. It is the first midweek market of the year and there are potatoes and onions to dig up. I did some writing while Irma and Auo slept late, and at 14:00 Naa came back for lunch.

The market was surprisingly full, which may have something to do with the fact that Runebergskören are singing at 18:30. A coach party arrives to see them, and the whole area around the road is blocked.

Camilla is going to collect Johan from the airport later. He is arriving back from a month of work practice on a farm in Switzerland. I have promised to drive Camilla back to the farm as soon as the market ends. I have just realised that my car is on the beach and therefore blocked in. In two minutes time I will move it by driving past the choir and through the crowd as soon as they begin their opening number.

Now I have sneaked back to watch. Auo and I are watching them singing and Auo is appalled. She claims that it is “just like shouting in notes”.