Saturday, April 14

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Garden, 13:00


The wine last night kept us amused with each other and the film we wayched, and this morning it kept us in bed later than usual.

Up late we eat brunch and set about some final snow work. The snow has melted a lot but some ice remains and Irma attacks it with her special implement and I throw it into the road where the sun will melt it. I look at the snow clinging tenaciously to a flower bed and photograph it looking oddly blue round the edges in the sunlight.

After this I will go for a long walk with the Incredible String Band for company on headphones. I will put all their albums on shuffle and get eighty minutes worth of randomised ISB.

After this Irma will go shopping while I wipe surfaces and vacuum clean.

Naa will arrive at 17:00 and Jana and Päivi will appear. We will all chat in different combinations while Irma prepares a salmon and puts it in the oven.

Päivi will have Olli the Poodle with her so we will put Sunshine in the cupboard. Olli will prove very loveable through a combination of curiosity, energy and friendliness.

He will become very interested when Ginger appears outside. The cat, however, will seem somewhat disconcerted by the number of humans and the dog watching closely at the window. For the first time since he first saw him he will back out of the garden looking less than confident, and not return.

We will eat a delicious dinner during which Naa will successfully demonstrate her love of red wine. At the end of the evening Päivi will take Olli home and Naa will take Jana back to her apartment.

We will drink an unnecessary final bottle of white wine.