Tuesday, April 10

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Rohdinkuja, 8:02


I woke in the night and heard what sounded like rain in the darkness. It turned out that snow had fallen or, at least, that a blanket of snow resulted. I left for the bus in very peculiar surroundings. The sun had come up and the sky had turned a bright cloudless blue. The ground lay white underfoot and the trees and bushed has a heavy covering of fresh snow.

Outside Minna and Tommi’s I stop to take some photographs of the bushes. The combination of different lights and colours seems extraordinary.

I will start my working day by setting Jutta up with a Cloud9 account, answering some questions from Nathalie, and then beginning to finalise all the exercises for this week’s block of Structuring Information. This will take all morning, and by the end I will have a fully working, hand-coded, one page, javascript-driven web site that perfectly duplicates a four page site they made in Block 2.

At 13:00 Liisa will arrive and we will rapidly fill out the forms we need to have ready for our Erasmus trip to Dublin next week. We will write them, sign them, and then Liisa will take them to Annika while I return to javascript-driven things.

At 14:20 I will leave for Itäkeskus where Irma and I will meet Jessica and Jolanda to discuss the progress of the MakeSomeNoise branding project. The meeting will end better than it started, and we will feel that progress has begun to happen.

After a detour home to see Sunshine, and to notice that all the morning snow has vanished as quickly as it came, we will drive to Kulosaari and take the metro to Kaisaniemi where we will meet Naa and walk to the Maxim cinema.

Irma has booked us tickets to see The Shape of Water, which will prove a truly excellent film, if you like magic realistic remakes of fifties monster movies that exude peculiarity which, it seems, we do. The Maxim cinema will act as a perfect backdrop for the movie since it seems like a magic realist reinvention of a old cinema from a parallel reality. You sit in big armchairs that you can move around. You have tables next to you. You can order tapas, fish salads, beer, wine and champagne before (and at any time during) the movie.

We will go home feeling very happy and thoroughly relaxed.