Friday, March 30

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Vehkalahdentie, 11:40


I woke up to a bright blue sky and went for a walk. Everywhere had a Good Friday quiet and I saw very few people as I walked.

I began by going through the woods but turned off quickly as the cycle of day and night, melting and freezing, had now polished the ice covering the ground to the standard of an Olympic skating course. I slithered my way to the top of the first hill and then turned right as soon as I could.

After travelling along a fairly safe path to the gas station, I took a more or less random walk behind it and to the right. Eventually I come to Vehkalahentie where I see what looks like a couple in rabbit suits entering a lock-up by the small door in the middle of the larger door. I definitely saw they wore rabbit ears but as I wait to see if they emerge again I become less convinced about the rest of the costume.

Perhaps they just had boiler suits on.

Naa will come round at 17:00 and we will have an Easter Egg hunt. Irma will hide 84 objects around the house (2 chocolate rabbits, 8 Kinder bars, and a variety of small and medium sized chocolate eggs) and Naa and I will hunt them. We will all wear our own rabbit ears as we do this; the ones that we bought in Dubai.

Naa will get exactly two thirds of the objects and I will get one third: 56 to 28. She will remind me that she won last year as well.

She will stay to eat, and then stay the night. During the evening she will anounce that she has decided that she wants long-haired two guinea pigs. Irma will find someone in Vartiokylä selling a large cage suitable for guinea pigs and they will arrange to see it tomorrow.

After familiarising ourselves with the various kinds of guinea pigs available, with the usual help from Mister Google, we will go to bed.