Wednesday, March 21

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Arabianranta, 12:47


Yesterday evening I grew increasingly tired, leading me to decide that I had stayed wake most of Monday night. I fell asleep within seconds and stayed asleep until 6:50. I woke up thinking interesting new thoughts about what I could say in Manchester in two weeks time. By the time I got up I had a coherent outline for a much more timely and interesting talk than the one I had promised.

I spent my morning at Arcada going over yesterday’s class, and writing it up online. I have two students who, for medical reasons, want to take the first parts of the course from a distance. I therefore wrote up a list of what we had done and tidied up the exercise files so they served as step-by-step reference material.

I then spent a couple of hours creating a web page that used everything we discussed yesterday and most of what they will learn if they watch the videos I have asked them to watch tomorrow. I will show them the finished result and them give them the html file and ask them to write some css to style it so that it looks like mine. I finished off by going through it line by line to make sure that they should know everything they need to do it, and then I annoted my css file so I could give it out at the end as an answer sheet.

At 12:35 I decide that I need something to eat and walk to Arabianranta to replenish my cheese supply. I also need more bananas. Having my wooden banana stand from Daiso has substantially increased my banana intake.

As I leave the mall I see the large pile of snow left by a bulldozer. It has melted and frozen several times and now feels rock solid. I photograph it.

In the afternoon Naa will phone in great excitement to tell me that the nurse who assessed her work practice has given her top marks. She will explain about the feedback session in great detail and I will feel very happy for her. Apparently all the nursing staff got consulted and they unanimously said that they liked her and had complete confidence in her.

I think she has found a field for which she has a natural affinity, and that makes me glad.

I will deal with a variety of small tasks for the rest if the afternoon until I email Alison with a revised title and topic for my Manchester presentation.