Wednesday, March 7

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Arcada, 16:03


This morning Irma looked at her finger and decided that she needed to go to the doctor and get a tetanus injection. Death by cat did not seem a pleasant alternative. I left the house and walked to the gas station.

I started the morning with a short meeting with Jutta, and then spent the rest of the morning creating a series of examples and exercises for the first two blocks of the Structuring Information course. I began with absolute vs relative measurements and the advantages of rems; and then moved onto tables. After this I went through menus and tabs, and finally I looked at structuring and ordering css, to make it readable and maintainable, and minifying it to make it efficient.

At midday I had a Nobanet meeting with Eija, Micke and Christa. We went through the potential research papers that we could devise from the material we had gathered during the five years of Nobanet. We each agreed to write up an outline of one possible paper for the next meeting.

I then had a quick lunch downstairs during which I had a chat with Micke about other potential collaborations. I followed this with a meeting with Harald, Dagny and Nathalie to conclude the business of drafting a final project plan and application. I became quickly unhappy with my understanding of the Lithuanian contribution insofar as it seemed as though it will govern ours.

Ho hum, I though, as the meeting ended.

Returning to my desk I look out of the window at the bright Spring afternoon in which the snow appears as seasonal decoration rather than a prevailing weather condition. I stare at it for five minutes while I think what I should do next. I take a photograph as a delaying tactic. I then sit down and write a letter to everyone else at the meeting trying to put a positive spin on my opinion, and suggesting how we might turn the situation into a future-oriented challenge.

At 16:40 I leave through the sunlight for home.