Saturday, March 3

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Riskutie, 11:32


The temperature has risen and I decided to start the day with a forty five minute walk, listening to Darlingside. As I walk down Riskutie I notice the abandoned gate posts to the demolished house peering through the snow. I stop to take a picture of them and notice that my hands don’t hurt when I take my gloves off. Here comes Spring.

After brunch we will both do some house cleaning and then take some of Ukki’s unwanted belongings to the recyling centre by Naa’s apartment. We will then take our recyclable rubbish to Prisma. We will do some shopping and then drive to Lidl to do some more shopping.

Irma will cook some steak and we will have a nice candle-lit dinner.

Afterwards we will sit down to watch some television. Last night we watched the second half of Slumdog Millionaire. Tonight, to our surprise, we will see that Sub TV has it on again. We will find ourselves in time to watch the first half. We will decide that we should watch more movies this way.

Later we will watch our second episode of Rowan Atkinson as Maigret. I will find it amusing watching Rowan Atkinson trying not to amuse us.