Thursday, June 28

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Sundö, 16:10

I woke up with my little toe still swollen from the wasp sting. I woke at 7:45, and started reading through what I had written yesterday. Since Naa was not working today I let them both sleep while I worked, sitting up in bed with my iPad.

After breakfast it began to feel like it was about to thunder again. (We had two separate thunderstorms yesterday.) It didn’t, but it did pour down for n hour or so. While this was happening I removed some old surfacing in one of the rooms of the house. Due to the fact that it was rammed behind a sink that was obviously put in after the surfacing and could not be removed, the whole procedure took about two hours, including cleaning up the mess.

I went into the garden to size up my next task: repairing the broken plank in the old swing chair. I was just about to start when the rain began again, hard. It continued on and off until well after lunch. I made a second attempt which was also thwarted by rain, so I went to the sauna house to do some writing.

Outside the water-barrels are both completely full. The water is a pale green, and replete with a dainty surface of old plant life and scum.

If the weather clears up the girls will go jogging again and, whether it does or not, I will go to Tirmö to get rid of some rubbish.

The weather will not clear up, and the rain will be so hard that I will not go to Tirmö or anywhere else. Instead I will notice that my right foot has swollen and reddened, and started itching – presumably from the wasp sting on my big toe.