Wednesday, February 21

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Outside Arcada, 12:50


In the morning I talked with Laura and Natalie about the project that they have just begun for Migrant Youth Helsinki. They have a meeting with Irma next Monday and she wants an initial presentation. They had got stuck so I unstuck them.

I talked with Jutta about the Structuring Information course that I will take in Period 4. I answered two long mails from Scott Cunningham who does want to continue our discussions and try to write a paper in the summer.

I asked Jessica and Jolanda if they would like to take charge of the third project for Migrant Youth Helsinki – MakeSomeNoise – and they said that they would. I then had an email flurry with Irma to arrange a meeting for them with her or the speakers.

At 12:45 Jutta announces that she will leave shortly and I realise that I face a distinct no lunch danger, because I finished the cheese I had yesterday. I leave for S-Market. On the way out I notice that the sky has turned bright blue and the contrast between the sunny and shaded patches has heightened. If he temperature had not dropped to approximately minus fifteen then I would count this as a perfect Spring day.

At S-Market I will discover a new Cheddar cheese from Tesco which I will prefer to the previous ones. It costs less, and has a tangier taste.

Jutta will have completely failed to leave by the time I get back, so we will continue a discussion until Kaitsu phones to say he has arrived outside in a Volkswagen to take her home.

I will spend the afternoon re-reading Ivan Illich and Martha Nussbaum’s writings and deciding that I know which I prefer. In remarkable serendipity these will prove relevant to my discussions with Scott, my forthcoming talk in Manchester and the Convivial Mechanics programme that I will start preparing next week.

At 16:40 I will leave the building with the weather still looking wonderful and still feeling cold.