Friday, February 16

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Prisma, 17:14


I got up slightly late this morning because I planned to work at home. In fact I planned to work all day with Irma, helping her with a large and complex application form.

By the end of the day we will have written 2,710 words as answers to thirteen questions. The process will have proceeded with remarkable ease, and I will feel very happy to have participated. If the application proves successful then it will impact both of us, and may involve Arcada at some future points.

As we finish writing we decide that we would like a glass of wine this evening. We head to Prisma for wine and groceries; the first time either of us have left the house today. When we get there I find myself at the bottom of the travelator looking up. I photograph it as someone starts to come down and stop before they reach me.

Somehow we will avoid looking at nonsense on television while drinking the wine, probably because we still want to talk about what we have worked on.

At some point Irma will decide to read something and I will finish Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day. I will find it moving in an interesting way; a kind of threnody for a life missed while living in the service of others.